Thursday, May 10, 2012

A whole lot of tatting

Margaret has decided it's time to join the challenge. She joined the InTatters exchange and shows us the celtic earring and pendant done in a gold Czech thread called Zlatka sent by her exchange partner.

Denise doesn't have any plans for this wedding hoop, she just loved the pattern in Lyn Morton's book Tatting Patterns and had to make it using Lizbeth size 20 #603 Ecru, pearl beads & teal ribbon. Decorated mason jars are perfect for her home made moisturizer and this one sports Mary Konior's Leaf Braid pattern from Tatting With Visual Patterns worked in Lizbeth size 20 #115 Springtime. A basic tatted flower, with a drop bead in the bottom petal and two picots in the top petal to hold the ring make perfect wine charms.

Carol is making a new snowflake and adding beads to this one. The teal coloured rosette is one that didn't work out, but she's still trying.

Marie tatted the Trillium Bookmark from Karey Solomon's Tat Marks the Spot in Lizbeth size 20, Sherbert Delight. Heart and Blossom from Karey Solomon's, February 2012 Tatting Times is done in size 30 crochet thread and it's the first time she's pearl tatted. Five of Hearts is another bookmark from Karey Solomon's Tat Marks the Spot and again it's done in Lizbeth size 20, Sherbert Delight.

Frivole made another attempt at front side/back side tatting with this Mary Konior motif called Mixed Bouquet and shows us the front and back of it. Then she did the motif again using traditional tatting for comparison showing both sides.

Jess started the center of the Amusement Doily is some of her size 60 HDT but got bored and went back around the outside again. Both of the next motifs are done in size 40 with Fancy Fields on the left and Pink Lemonade on the right, it's one of the flowers from the The Tatted Artistry of Teiko Fujito. The motif from Blomqvist and Persson's Tatting Patterns and Design is tatted with size 40 Tatilicious Mindanao Gum HDT, which is the star of her NEXT 25 motifs. She received a surprise gift from Randi who designed this little cross in size 40 Tatilicious Pitaya Limeade and sent these sweet hair clips with tatted butterflies. A pansy from Teiko Fujito's book will make cute Teacher appreciation and Mother's Day presents and this one is tatted with Size 40 Tatilicious Esmeralda. She did a tutorial of how to tat her one shuttle heart by taking a picture after each ring.

Heather's Citizen Schools Tatting Class is working on tatted mice.

Axa tatted a tiny gold dragonfly to sit on this magnolia bloom.

Kristen tatted this pattern from Gun Blomqvist and Elwy Persson's Tatting: Patterns and Designs in Easter/Spring colours. Then she did a few motifs from the same book and started another doily, although this one is cupping in the middle.

Jessica is all decked out for Christmas in her tatted garland, which is a chain down one side and back up the other around a string of beads.

Marta is thrilled that her doilies have been certified are going to be in the Central Museum of textile industry in Lodz from May to September. Congratulations!

IsDihara remembered to take shuttles along on vacation and  Regal Snowflake designed by1 La Cossette tatted in Lizbeth  Snow White #601 size 20 with blue beads seemed to be a good choice for a Disney vacation.

Bonnie tatted Ruth Perry's Fringe Heart in size 20 Lizbeth to pay for her membership in the Fringe Element Tatters. The pattern can be found on the web site.

Ancolie made an ATC for May with a tatted Lily of the Valley.

Diane used 30 wt Sulky Blendables in Cool Waters to tat another pair of Kersti's Stumpy bookmarks. She thinks this variegated thread used for Stumpy is Valdani. The next pair of Stumpy bookmark is tatted in Sulky Blendables, Peacock Plume and she's contemplating tatting a peacock with it. The Lime Sherbert doesn't seem to have enough green in it, but it's still a pretty colour. Here's another selection ready to send off. The newest Sulky Blendable is Summer Grass, again used for Kersti's Stumpy bookmark.

Fox took a break from the sunflower to tat a motif from Tatting Doilies & Edgings edited by Rita Weiss. Getting the bare thread spaces even is always a challenge. The   Sunflower pattern from Tatting Patterns and Designs by Gun Blomqvist and Elwy Persson was tatted in 6-ply #40 Milford thread. Milford yellow, #40 and Altin Basak pink, #50 were used to tat the Mary Konior pattern using both front side/back side tatting and traditional tatting for comparison. Marie Smith's split chain instructions were really helpful.

Marty took five classes at Shuttlebirds, including Sherry's hairpin lace, that's given her some ideas. Krystledawn's easy pattern turns out looking like it was much more complicated. Karey Solmon's grapes look just like grapes and once Karey showed how,they were deceptively easy. She also took Dale Pomeroy's snowflake classes and she really enjoyed playing with bugle beads.

Michelle taught several people to tat and when she checked with one of them later, the student had completed a bookmark using rings and chains. A daughter requested a bookmark and Michelle obliged using her favorite size 80 vintage Aunt Rose-E thread and a slightly modified Mary Konior Convolvulus edging. The YLI Nordic Fjord thread from Diane was used for this cross which was easy and Michelle loves it.

Sherry is tatting a bookmark side edging using King Tut thread and she's really enjoying the fine thread. She did 2 samples of tatting and polled to see which one people preferred, then posted the results. (My choice of C - either, wasn't an option.)She made some floral barrettes for her daughter and lots of other little girls love them too.

StephanieGrace tatted Marilee's Carnival earrings in LizBeth size 20, Silver with pearly size 11 seed beads, a blue sapphire colour bead and an 8mm Faceted Cat's Eye bead also in sapphire colour, but had a problem right at the very last ring. A friend saw this little flower and wanted it in different colours, but when it was tatted, the black thread left the pale pink beads looking washed out.

Sue has a tale of a dragon, or is that a tail of a dragon? Either way, she and SSSRs are not having fun together.

Vanessa tatted this necklace from a Jan Stawasz book, Tatting theory and patterns and although she doesn't work with beads that often, they do add a nice touch.

Wanda has been tatting Kitties and Dragonflies for her granddaughter. The Pretty Kitty pattern is by Nancy Tracy done in Lizbeth #641 Lilac Dark, size 20. The Dragonfly pattern is by Jon Yusoff, the purple one is tatted with Lizbeth #641 size 20 with bronze-colored beads and the other is tatted with Lizbeth #144 Leaf Swirl, size 20 with green beads.

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This must be some kind of record - 61 photos in one post! Apparently you are not having any problems loading photos with the new interface!

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