Sunday, May 20, 2012

Motifs, Doilies, Earrings, Edgings, Bracelet and Bookmarks

Denise has been tatting Mary Konior patterns from Tatting with Visual Patterns. First Duet in Lizbeth size 20 #105 Confetti. Then Patchwork in Lizbeth size 20 #132 Tropical Punch & #684 Leaf Green Med.

Marie shows more patterns from her Tatsmithing book, Stout Agate, using a banded agate that looks like a fish in the stone and Tall Agate using a carnelian agate.

Mariya has created some new designs and taken the time to write out the patterns which you can find on the Free Patterns page. Royal Flower which she has shown us before, Drop Motif earrings, wheel earrings, Pansy Braid edging and a bracelet with spirals.

Jessica started doing some edgings thinking that is she tatted them as an ongoing project throughout the year, that in a few years time she would have a Christmas tree covered in tatted garlands. This one is a variation of  a pattern from the Priscilla Tatting book done in red and green that she has called The Holly and the Ivy and she posts her pattern changes on her blog. The next one she tried out using some thread already on the shuttles thinking that in while it would look like a string of snowflakes. She modified it using split rings so that it could be done in one pass and then thought that more points would look better, or maybe not. She's included the instructions for the modern version using split rings on her blog.

Linda always seems to find ways to incorporate tatted bits to her crazy quilts. Whole motifs are added with bits of embroidery and partial motifs become fantasy flowers and butterflies. Every tatter needs a fellow CQ artist to use up those bits of oopsies.

Ancolie has completed Corona by Judith Connors and remarks that while it is a nice doily, it isn't for beginners.

Diane's next Stumpy is done in Sulky Blendables, Midnight Sky and that completes another set to be made into shuttles. She thought she'd do some in plain ordinary white, but she ran out of thread and doesn't know what the thread is because she was just emptying the shuttle. The next two are done in Sulky Blendables, Natural Taupe, which she has already done before. Another favourite is Mary Konior's Spinning Wheel glass mat, done this time in Caribbean.

Fox tatted  a pattern by Lyn Morton  using #40 HDT Garden Afternoon, by Yarnplayer, then began another pattern that didn't work out the way she wanted it to. The black is Cebelia and she thinks the other is some of Jess's HDT but she doesn't have a label for it. She replaced the Cebelia with Lizbeth, and so far it's working out. She's off on vacation and will have this secret pattern finished off by then and she has Jon's Mothers Day heart with daisy picot rings packed. She thinks she needs lots of practice.

Frances lost a pair of shuttles and a daisy chain edging she had been working on while travelling. She found them in the back of a desk drawer and now she can continue working on it.

Frivole was the recipient of a wonderful beaded shuttle bag from Marie Smith tatted in silk with oodles of beads. 

Jess is planning a vacation with her little one who has packed the important stuff like her toys and a couple of Mom's shuttles with Mom's one shuttle heart peeking out. Plain black matched with lots of HDT makes for a relaxing tatting combination when vacationing.

Sherry has been tweaking a tatted triangle design that she did some time ago. She has plans to tat a beaded lanyard using a pattern from Patti D, but she had to change it a little because her beads are smaller. This bit will be a zipper pull. Here is the lanyard being worked in silver which is so much nicer in person. Shiny threads that sparkle in the light just don't photograph well.

Vanessa needed a pattern for a bookmark exchange and she decided on Jane Eborall's flowery bookmark.

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