Thursday, May 17, 2012

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Margaret was a test tatter for Ginny's new book 12 Ornaments of Christmas Book 2. This is Winnie which used 650 size 11 seed beads and 8 dangle beads and it was a challenge to tat.

Denise used some very pretty handtowels with a tatted embellishment as window curtains for her bathroom. She used Lizbeth size 20 #607 Charcoal Med and Mary Konior's Duet pattern from the book, Tatting with Visual Patterns.

Marie used a cabochon and her Basic Design from her book, Tatsmithing, to create this pendant. 7 Sisters Standing Tall is another pattern from her book surrounding a piece of unakite.  

Laurette tatted the small mat of the Dressing Set from the Handy Hands Newsletter Winter 2010 in is Lizabeth Wildflower #109.

Heather's students have persevered and finally "got it" even if it's just 2 petals of a flower. Another student starts a second flower and proudly wears the first one she completed. The dragon was considered less than perfect and has been started again in vivid colour.

Julie tatted Mary Konior's Small Cross from Tatting with Visual Patterns in vintage size 70 Star Tatting thread in shades 129 Red and 122 Blue, while having tea with her little one. 

Kristen managed to tat another round to her white doily while watching her brother's graduation online. She began a less complex pattern in a caramel colour thread and then she added a row of her favorite off-white Turkish cotton thread, followed by a row of white and another of the off white. She finished it with more of the caramel colour thread but it looks incomplete to her.


Bonnie tatted Mary's Butterfly's pattern, using Yarnplayer's size 50 nicobar pigeon HDT and a flower made from Lizbeth thread size 20 Latte Foam to embellish a card.

Diane has tatted more of Kersti's Stumpy bookmark, this time in Sulky Blendables Truly Teal.

Fox tatted Snow Star from Patterns and Tatting Designs, by Blomqvist and Persson in Silk Zwicky thread in centre from Krystle, Pink #50 Altin Basak, #40 Lizbeth for the rest. And here are both of the patterns she has done from the book. Here is Snow Star again after blocking. She pulled out Lyn Morton's book looking for a pattern that didn't take a lot of thread. Here's a comparison in white and in colour.

Frances did more tatting than blogging in April. The Tardis pattern by Anne Bruvold is for a nephew who is a huge Dr Who fan. Her niece is getting this butterfly edging from Tatting doilies and edgings edited by Rita Weiss done in Milford Satin 2ply. The Flying Minor Norwegian Dragon in Lizbeth Ocean Sunset #40 is going to her SIL.

Frivole is still working on her doily and this is the second butterfly round. She loves Yarnplayer's Twilight Zone HDT but it was sold out and a friend sent her a sample to try. The Keyed Up earrings in Marilee Rockley's new book, Tatted Jewelry, were tatted in Lizbeth 20 Country Turquoise Med.

IsDihara couldn't bear the thought of white thread, so fortunately she could use Lizbeth 40 Peacock Blues to tat Jane Eborall's Celtic Snowflake.

Jess loves barter packages and this one included An angel, pattern by Marie Smith tatted by Sharon and a button Butterfly pattern by Karey Solomon also tatted by Sharon. She started Birgit's Peacock Heart trying out her Tatilicous size 40 Olive Warbler HDT, but she messed up the second round and decided to end it early. Here is Susan Fuller's Heart's Desire in Olive Warbler with Lizbeth Gold and some of lime green beads, although she thinks there are some differences in tension between the 2 halves.

Orsi modified the Tischband leaf starting with a ring and split rings and adding two tiny rings at the bottom instead of the narrow chains to make a rounder leaf.

Sue tatted Rebecca's Colossians 2:14 Cross in Jess' HDT size 40 Rainbow-licious.

Vanessa tatted a mitten from Martha Ess' book, Holidays on the Block, but I don't think it will really keep her warm in winter weather.

Wanda tatted Tiny Angel #12 by Patricia Ann Rizzo for two of her aunts for Mother's Day. The pin for her mother's birthday used the dragonfly she showed last week, but it  needed a darker color behind it like these lease she designed done in Häkelgarn #2015, size 20. Here it is assembled.

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