Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Motifs, Heart, Bunny, Bird, Edging, Doily, Ornaments and Snowflakes

Ginny has taken another of Karey's bag patterns and substituted strings of beads for chains and she liked the effect on this one better.

Anika picked up a tatting needle and this is her first bit of needle tatted lace. She continued on with the needle and the heart on the left is needle tatted, the one on the right shuttle tatted. To round out her experimentation she did a couple more small motifs.

Marta is continuing to cover baubles and this one in green is called Amelii.

IsDihara shows the results from the Prince William County Fair. Sw4nkyL4c3r entered the most fetching Venetian mask, tatted in black with Swarovski crystals and decorated with feathers, but it only won a red. The blue ribbon went to a delicate, ecru tatting bag filled with tatting tools and a new tatter entered a wee tatted bunny and won a white ribbon.

Diane has continued her exploration of Tatting Techniques by Elgiva Nicholls with Diamonds. She was surprised that no information was given on how to avoid the twisted picot on the last join and the instructions to join the motifs together on the 2nd and 4th picot leaving the middle picot dangling. She decided to join all 3 which made a firm join but then she did it again and just omitted the middle picot. There didn't seem to be much difference in appearance, but there was in firmness, so if she does more of these, which she might to make a mat, she'll join all 3 picots. The cream color thread is size 20 Lizbeth, the blue is size 50 Oren Bayen and there's a significant size difference.

Fox tatted another of Jon's designs from Elegant Tatting Gems using an HDT thread by Tatskool, #40 Rainbow Bright. She gives us another look at her constantly changing lamp where she displays her current tatting pieces before relegating them to a drawer. She auditioned an edging from Karey Solomon's Tatting Times, but it was too deep for the cuff of the sock in the Lizbeth thread, so she'll use a Mary Konior pattern instead.

Gina tatted a birdie pattern from Anna, May 2001; one of several variations and the tails on all were very long picots with a bead here and there.

Kelly has been busy with appointments, physio and playing chauffeur and that's left her with little tatting time. She did manage to tat this little doily from The Tatters Treasure Chest called Sonata in Lizbeth size 40 called Wild flower Garden.

Marty created this green design by lacing 2 halves together and she didn't really like the effect, but when it came time to take her fair entries in she added it to all the others and it took a blue ribbon. All the butterflies she tatted, along with some smaller ones were added to a white satin egg with little gold applique pins stuck through powder blue seed beads. It's won a first place blue ribbon, a high blue (considered for Sweepstakes) and a Judge's Choice ribbon.

Sue was determined when they moved here, that the couch wouldn't become a place to store tatting supplies and projects. Good luck with that.

Wanda has made an early start on snowflakes for Christmas, but this time she's adding beads.

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