Thursday, August 11, 2011

Doily, Motifs, Bookmarks, Dragon, Earrings and Necklaces

Heather loves Jan Stawasz' patterns and right now she is working on one of the doilies from his book, Tatting Theory and Patterns. She loves that they aren’t what you’d expect, like the fact that on this design the juncture where the 4 motifs join creates a flower.

Joy got a nasty surprise when the water bottle in her purse leaked. The vintage green thread bled into the ball of white thread and the red from some coupons left a pink stain on her white bookmark. She may try to dye it to salvage both the thread and the bookmark, although the colour might come out just by washing. It does sometimes.

Michelle liked the idea of picot gauges and cut up an old driver's license to make a set. Anne Bruvold's microdragon is destined to be a pendant.

Marta has done another bauble pendant, this time in purple, and it's named Milka for a Suchard chocolate of the same name that comes in a purple wrapper.

IsDihara commented on Lily's blog that she wanted to see the earrings done in Peacock Blues and the other day she received one of those treasured packages from the postman that contained a pair of bright, bold and beautiful, in Peacock Blues, earrings done by Lily. Tatters send the BEST packages.

Isa shares the last of her summer tatting. She's still working in the necklace using 3 and 4 shuttles and size 16 cotton thread in green, blue and yellow, with matching cristal beads in yellow, blue and green. She's completed about 20 cm. and wants to do 20 more cm.

Marty entered several items in the fair including Wanda's Heart's Honor bookmark done in pink, which won a first prize. Marty made a bookmark using variegated size 20 Lizbeth pink thread, from her own button decoration pattern with a long perle-tatted tail which she called a Pink Diamond bookmark because this year's fair theme was "Diamond Days, Country Ways" and it got a nice first place ribbon on it, and a "high blue" which means it was considered for sweepstakes.

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