Friday, August 19, 2011

Bookmarks, Ornaments, Motifs, and Edgings

Joy has an assortment of bookmarks done and a few she isn't happy with. She may be able to salvage some of these finishing them off and re-doing the parts the cat ate.

Nancy has more covered ornaments and a candy cane hung from a stand where they make a pretty display. The brown one is Lizbeth Rootbeer Float.

Fox tatted Jon's Adiratna using Tatskool's HDT and promised herself that she's use fewer beads until she had improved her tatting. At one point she had forgotten to add a bead and tried a different method to add the bead in progress. Another edging bites the dust because is was taking too much thread, she has enjoyed working with the size 80 thread, and now the size 20 HDT feels like rope. This size 80 sent to her by Ladytats is going to make a wonderful sock edging.

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