Monday, September 13, 2010

Bookmarks, Cross, Doily, Edging, Motifs, Necklaces and Snowflake

BSOTF shows us a red white and blue doily tatted in yarn, which just goes to prove that it doesn't have to be fine thread to be tatting or to enjoy the process of making it and even doodles in tatting can be pretty. The napkin rings she made have been gifted.
Sue has the first 4 rounds of Agasunset's tablecloth done in spite of having to cut a section off and start over. Tattips needle tatted her first motif in Red Rose thread size 20. IsDihara had fun completing the Broomstick Tatted Bookmark by Martha Ess, which was much more successful than her first attempt.
Linda tatted an edging from Contemporary Tatting by Judith Connors with pale pink beads and machine stitched it with invisible thread to the shirt collar. Ancolie tatted an old pattern with squares that isn't very elegant, but it is good practice. Bev has been trying out some pieces for the rosary she plans to make the Cross pictured is by a Danish designer: Inger K and the "medallion" is an adaptation of Judith Conner's asymmetrical motif which is meant to be a mat. Shes decided on Yarnplayer's Morning Glory and Oren Bayan gold metallic in size 40 for her colours. She received in the mail a lovely Badger and Celtic cross bookmark from Jane Eborall and is amazed at the workmanship.
Diane has just finished The Second Day of December from 24 Snowflakes in Tatting by Lene Bjorn and she has plans to tat a lot of these because they make perfect gifts.
Fox is still struggling with lupins and she had to try Mary Konior's Convulvus after seeing it on another blog, but she still isn't finished with Ring A Ring O'Roses which she is doing in forget-me-not-blue thread, dyed by Tatskool.
Kelly shows us a view of the tatted barrette she made with her hair all curled.
Krystle has created a necklace in tatting with Moonstones and tatting in Lizbeth 20 in a soft grey silver colour.
Mica tatted this pattern by Lyn Morton in a lovely variegated Signature size 40 cotton thread in colour M03, but she doesn't like the way it looks. The colours are nice on the spool, but don't translate well into tatting.
Nami did this pendant to match the earrings and finished off the edge of a box with some gold tatting using some lace she saw on the internet as the basis for the pattern.

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