Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bookmarks, Bracelet, Doily, Butterflies, Flowers, Leaves, and Necklaces,

Karen joins the challenge and she worked with seed beads and gray upholstery thread to tat up Lyn Morton's necklace pattern. She wanted a different look and made some roses to go along with it. Bree has been tatting bugs including Pamela's Luna Moth done in Lizbeth Springtime size 20 and some colourful crochet thread in size 10 and Jon's dragonfly in size 10 crochet cotton and the green is DMC pearl size 10.
Ingrid tatted a collar but she thinks it needs a little something to give it some character, but she's not sure where to go from here and she's looking for ideas and suggestions.
BSOTF is continuing to tat with some unusual fibres like macrame cord which is pictured here next to a ball of thread for perspective and then something a little more normal like this size 10 thread.
Lily almost has the Stargazer Lily completed. The wire has been added to the petals and it's all ready to assemble. She receive some special size 50 thread in Faerie HDT from Sherry and she used it to tat a butterfly from the book "the Gentle Art of Tatting Things We Love" by Ann Rizzo.
Corina has a tatted bookmark intended for the shop.
Carolyn has finished the Tatted Petal Doily from Star Book 66 in Flora size 20 colors 100 & 670 and its simply gorgeous.
Ann tatted a bit of fall inspiration, Simple Leaf by Karey Solomon from Tatting Turns Over a New Leaf. Katherinne finished the prototype of the bracelet she made using 4mm glass pearls and size 10 Cebelia, but she thinks she might do it again with a smaller beads and size 20 thread. She had an opportunity to tat in public while waiting in the doctor's office and she made a little doodle in size 40 Lizbeth and some rings only edging in size 10 thread left on her new shuttles. IsDihara decided to tat the Valiere Square ice cream cone and manged to get a good start during the little one's play date.
Diane has her tatting back - mounted in some lovely shuttles. Fox tatted Stumpy with beads, including bugle beads, that didn't quite work out as planned but both variations look good anyway. Umintsuru's dragonflies were already done and have been used to give some dazzle to these crocheted boys caps.
Marty shows us the Bonneville Tatters demonstration table at the fair where they gave away card bookmarks with bits of tatting glued onto them and the tatting that other tatters entered in the fair.
Sherry is making great progress on Jane's patchwork project and the baby looks like it's right on track although it would be good if she could gain a little weight, which has been made harder by Sherry picking up a nasty virus.
Wally taught 2 different classes at Palmettos; Schwarino Flying Rings, a technique similar to Daisy Picots developed by Patry Schwab from Germany one of the Spanish-speaking tatters and roll tatting.


Tattingrid said...

Everybody has been so busy! It is so nice to see what everybody makes, so different and yet so nice and inspiring! I love this blog and can't wait for updates!
Thanks. Ingrid

Teresa said...

Everything looks terrific! I cannot wait to see the Stargazer finished!