Thursday, May 06, 2010

Flowers, Butterflies, Motifs,Bookmarks, Pendants and Bracelets

Lily found this butterfly pattern on Marilee's site and found it quick and easy to do. She modified the dragonfly made earlier to make them a smaller size and now has some lovely earrings. Lily's version of Heather's Envoy Medallion has been done in flame coloured thread and an added jump ring makes an instant pendant for a necklace. Corina was inspired by fabric flowers she saw on line so she dove into her stash and found some felt, a piece of tatting some beads and ribbon and made a lovely nosegay. She shows us how she laced through the picots on the centre of the tatted motif to pull it into the middle and make it ruffle a little.
Sue tatted the Big Cross from Tatting Patterns & Designs by Gun Blomqvist and Elwy Persson working in size 10. She has 5 more bookmarks to go but the first one is for her mother in law.
Agasunset really likes the Lizbeth thread in her Feather pendant.

Sharon tatted an assortment of motifs for the block for the Palmetto project including the Leaf braid and the blue flowers from Mary Konior's Tatting with Visual Patterns, Threes Snowflake from Lady Tats, the trefoil edging "May" from Rosemarie Peel and the bright yellow round motif is from Lynn Morton's 6th book "Easy Tatting", which were all new to her. With the assortment of "Lacy Bookmarks" tatted she not only got a lot of practice with the picot gauge, she also has lots of markers for her books. They're all variegated colors available in Lizbeth Thread.

Sunshinecraft tatted an edging with the last of her DMC cordonette 10, the first thread that she bought specifically for tatting, and used it to embellish this bag. The little dragonflies were tatted at least three years ago before her tatting skills had improved.
Linda is embellishing a CQ yoke with tatted edgings and motifs to attach to a denim jacket.
Vinnie doesn't wear necklaces, so she turned the long spiral chain she had made into a bracelet. Some tatted flowers she made just doodling have woven centres which both filled in the empty middle and got rid of the thread ends. (Clever and pretty.) Again they were added to a matching spiral chain and made a lovely bracelet. Wanda posted a picture of the pendant she made for her exchange partner in the Intatters pendant exchange. Deb shaared the pattern for the one Wanda received in the comments.

Martha is working on a new book of block tatted critters. Meet Mr Stinky.

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