Sunday, May 30, 2010

Doilies, Teapots, Combs, Necklaces and Bookmarks

Kat tatted Jon Yusoff's foldover bookmark in Lizbeth spring garden size 20 as a gift for a reading friend and she has plans to make another one.

Catherine is working on the field of clover doily from the Bestitched website. She doesn't really have anywhere to put doilies so she's thinking of taking a break from it and doing something smaller.
Corina shows us the bag she created to hold her needles decorated with a knitted leaf, a felted piece with a flower, embroidery and tatting.

Sue loves the Corsage thread she using for Ice Crystal, but the pattern is giving her some trouble. The four crosses she tatted for ladies at the church is displayed with the bear her daughter brought back from China.
Agasunset tatted these candle holders for Valentine's Day. This necklace looks like chocolate bubbles tatted in thicker but softer pearl cotton in chocolate brown with Amber colored glass beads that bring up the brown even more. It's complimented with a vintage pattern triangle motif embellished with the same beads for earrings. The Ice Cube Bracelet uses cube shaped crystal beads.

Aileens's mysterious project is a potted plant pincushion.
Fox has been experimenting with thread and beads using the Small Heart by Jennifer Williams.
Heather was using some vintage size 80 thread on a new design and when it suddenly snapped, so she started over again in size 20.

Krystle did some major tatting for a craft show. Here's her display table with all of her tatting and one of her new creations a little hair comb with some swarovski beads.
Martha finished her quilt block for Georgia which happened to have teapots on it so she added some tatted teapots and edgings. Marty hit an impasse and went back to tatting Iris Niebach's Tatted Doilies until she got her tatting mojo back. This one is "Delia" made in Lizbeth size 20 in Light Raspberry Pink.

Mica tatted a bell and gave it to her friend hot off the shuttles. The pattern is from the Rebecca Jones' book and this one she re-tatted was made with DMC Special Dentelles 80 in white and gold seed beads.


Fox said...

Nice catch-up, Sharon!

I'm done 25, so sign me up again!

P.S. The cluny design the second time, following the pattern to the 'T', is gorgeous!

I will be posting it today or tomorrow. I am thrilled with how it looks. Should have saved myself grief and followed the instructions from the outset!

Fox the Stubborn : )

Orsi said...

Hi Sharon!

I would like to join to the challenge.
My blog is:

I am a fashion designer and I create motifs myself ( without patterns).

Usually I make dresses, but sometimes accsessories as well.