Thursday, April 22, 2010

Necklace, Motif, Cosses Bookmarks, Harts, Bracelet

Agasunset has finished Inara's Heart Necklace is finished with glass teardrop beads and a glass chandelier bead connected with one more glass teardrop at the base.

NancyD has done a variation of Gina Butler's cross in red, white and blue.
Cindy finds tatting good therapy for stressful times. Creating art and the end result of beautiful lace is just the by product. The Flat Flower Motif from Tatting Patterns by Lyn Morton worked in Krystledawne's Be Mine HDT, size 30 an entertaining diversion while waiting for hubby to get out of surgery.
Vinnie has created yet another fresh, light, summery, design using light blue green shiny seed beads on white thread in a rings only pattern with a transparent mother of pearl polished button for a closure. Stunning!
Bonnie started Kersti's Sweet Heart Tatted Bookmark for International Tatting Day, but she didn't quite get it finished. Since then she has completed several and added a slight modification of her own.

Ellen made a set of fabric flower brooches a tatted paperclip butterfly and some smalled tatted flowers as embellishment for the card for a colleague who was leaving. Heather has posted a PDF of her tatted half marbles all done in various sizes.
Krystle shares more pictures taken at the Shuttlebirds event. The "Spring Fires" bookmark from Karey Solomon's class, in which she learned block tatting and a new method of SLT. Project two is a celtic motif. Round one was tatted with one of Ladyshuttlemaker's metal shuttles, and part of round two was tatted with one of her personal ceramic shuttles that she was taking for a test drive. The folded ring angel was made in Sherry's class. Check out the people pics on Krystle's blog. Have you ever seen so many people smiling from ear to ear? Sherry has a new reason to tat. It has 10 fingers and 10 toes and wants to be dressed in pink.

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