Monday, April 12, 2010

Butterflies, Bookmarks, Hearts, Earrings and Doilies

Corina tatted Marilee's "Arches" doily that she plans to use on a quilt, but she can't decide which colour fabric to use. What do you think?

Sue has been industriously working on round 7 of her doily and was delighted when her husband suggested a trip to buy her some more thread. And to prove that she needs more thread, round 7 is done!
Dale Marie tatted some colourful Easter collars for the teddy bears in her son's and niece's Easter baskets. She was the winner of IsDihara's giveaway ans shows us the tatted Easter egg included with her prize.

Tattips has been designing and tatting a series of earrings using Lizbeth size 20 thread. "Victoria" was tatted in gold colour thread. A slightly larger version was tatted in Grape Medium. The the daisy picot technique was used for “Daisy" earrings in Butterfly Breeze. A shorter version of "Daisy" in Spring Flower. Another pattern incorporates three techniques of beading and the color used is Gold and a variation in Silver with black beads.

NancyD has made great progress on her flag, but she's had to take a break because of pain in her shoulder.
Ellen has the remaining Pameran Poskad exhibition entries listed. "Heart To Heart" are by Martha Ess in her book "Tat's Amore". "My Sweet Heart" is a pattern by Pam Palmer from the Tatting Treats book. Nina Libin's butterfly bookmark, loaded with Czchekoslovakia glass beads and tatted with Olympus 40 thread. "A Gathering of Butterflies" with Rozella F Linden's celtic butterfly tatted with Flora 20 threads and Adelheid Dangela's Elise butterfly tatted with Manuela 20 thread. "Just Clips' is a collage of Ellen's paper clip designs including the Jolly Sun, butterfly, lucky 4-leaf clover, and the goldfish and flower bloom, which she has plans to put in a paperclip design book. In addition to all these Ellen made some flower headscarf clips and a
butterfly paperclip for another leaving colleague.

Fox is making a beaded necklace and having trouble keeping the chunky beads inside the rings, but she's also finding this making jewelery is very addictive. The thread is #16 crochet cotton which seems to be like 20 but softer and only a three ply with a nice shine.
M has tatted Mary Konior's Black Magic bookmark, although she did it in a burgundy red. Now she has a co-worker that likes it and she has plans to do it again in Black.
Marty's back from Disneyland where she tatted endless butterflies in interminable lines, which resulted in empty shuttles and quite a few people going away with little tatted flutters and an appreciation for all things tatted. She also taught her sister to tat working chains first with white and variegated HDT. Then rings and joins and finally some butterflies of her own. Two and three quarters butterflies when she ran out of thread which is pretty good for a beginner.

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