Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hearts and Snowflakes, and Then Some

We'll begin this update with Viv, who tatted Heather's Hearts for Tracy heart. She used Lizbeth Dr Purple for this one.

Isdihara shows us the quilted ornament that she made for a fellow tatter. She added some tatting in the form of a pumpkin edging and a pumpkin motif. Very pretty. Isdihara also shows us the cute tatted pumpkin earrings that she won in a giveaway from Elizabeth.
Mica has tatted Snowflake 11 from 24 Snowflakes in Tatting. She used 1 thread from a DMC metallic skein. She also shows us a doily that she is working on.

and several ladies she taught to tat, tatted Heather's Heart for Tracy heart. Well done ladies.

Krystal shows us the pendant, tatted in her own HDT, that started off as an earring. Next Krystal tatted a pair of Marilee's Quadrille Earrings also done in her own HDT. She finally shows us the heart she tatted again done in some of her own HDT. Very nice.

Ancolie tatted a SCMR bookmark by Sabina Carden-Madden. Next she shows us the bookmark she designed. Very nice.

Ellen has been busy making and trading ATCs. She shows us the one she received from Bonnie, as the ATC she sent to Bonnie. I love the little tatted bee. She also shows us the Gr8 shuttles from the Shuttle Brothers as well as their newest book. Finally Ellen shows the us the "bits" of tatting she received from Jon.

Mrs. John has tatted a very pretty butterfly. The pattern is called 'Tatted Butterfly', on page 12 of Number 3, Volume 29 December 1963 The Workbasket magazine. She tatted the motif using size 10 thread. This is her motif #13.

Aileen decided she wanted to tat a lip balm holder so she came up with one herself. She then realized that Heather had tatted one as well and shared the pattern. Aileen tatted her prototype using size 20 Hankelgarn thread in white with a half pearl plastic button. Looks good. A Wickedtats original with inspiration from Heather. Aileen also shows us how to make a retractable hook pen yourself.

Diane is almost finished tatting Beatrice, but she ran out of thread and has to order more. While she waits for more thread, Diane decided to play around with the snowflake frames. She used some of LadyShuttleMaker's Weeping Cherry in size 80 to create a little snowflake that fits perfectly in the frame. Diane also decided to use some HDT she got from Krystal to tat, what else, but another Spinning Wheel Mat (a Mary Konior design).

Heather certainly been busy. She created a number of tatting shuttles. She tatted a couple of necklaces, though she was unsure if she wanted to sell them. Finally, Heather has decided to publish another book. This one, titled "The Ladies in My Life" will be a tribute to the women who helped Heather become who she is today. What an awesome idea. Each lady will be represented in tatting. Absolutely gorgeous.

I(Jeff) tatted Jon's newest snowflake "Featherline". I altered the pattern slightly so I could jump from the centre to the second round, without the cut and tie. I used Lizbeth size 20 thread in colour #605 Silver. This is my 4th motif in my third round of the challenge.

Kelly has also been tatting snowflakes. She tatted a dozen of Jeanne Lugert's "Threes Snowflake", and she still needs to tat another dozen with read beads. She also tatted a dozen of anther snowflake that she found on Georgia's site. Finally, she tatted about 6 of LaRae Mikulecky's Lacy Bookmark pattern. Wow!

Martha tatted Mark Myer's newest Pumpkin pattern. She used size 80 thread to make it. She thinks it is a bit crowded, and she figures its either her picots on the outline round or the lack of proper blocking. Looks awesome to me.

Sherry is having another Mondo Monday giveaway, so if you haven't entered yet, you should. If you want to, I mean.

Wally brought out her tatting needles to see if she still remembered how to needle tat. Looks like she still remembers.


Anonymous said...

My name is Rayanna. I have been tatting since 2006. I just started a blog and plus showing my tatting. I would like to join the challenge. My first three things are on my blog. My blog is http://rayanna-luvz-tat-cropping.blogspot.com/
Thank you.

Carla said...

Beatiful works!