Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Motifs, Medallions, and Doiles

Looks like another update is in order. With Monday being Labour (Labor) Day for much of North America, a lot of tatting was done over the long weekend. Let's get started.

Vanessa shows us an interlaced (celtic style) motif from Judith Connor's book Creative tatting with beads, shuttle and needle (AKA Tatting Adventures with beads, shuttle and needle). Very pretty.

Isdihara has tatted her Lesson 4 motif using Tatskool's Raspberry Ripple with Real Vanilla HDT. Looks delicious, er pretty.

Mica finished a doily called the Rose Rogers Round Robin doily. She used DMC Special Dentelles 80 in white for the doily.

LauraRose has posted her homework motif (left in the photo). She did some tweaking and shows the revised version on the right. Laura also shows us her progress on the Lisbeth doily. I can't wait to see the finished doily.

Kelly has been busy. First she shows us a metal napkin holder she decorated with tatting for a competition. Next she shows us a cute cat and mouse bookmark by Carolyn Groves. Kelly used South Maid thread for the bookmark. Kelly also tatted some hearts for the Fringe guild as her membership fee. The first heart is Georgia's Heart Doily and the others are Celtic Valentine heart by Rachel Jackson. Finally Kelly tatted some snowflakes for a Christmas sale. The pattern is from "Tatted Snowflakes" by Vida Sunderman.
Angie has tatted Debbie Arnold's Seahorse pattern using Lizbeth thread in colour #123. Very pretty.
Steph has been busy tatting fall themed motifs. She tatted Mary Maynard's pumpking using Lizbeth size 20 thread in Harvest Orange. The two leaves above the pumpking are Karey Solomon's from her book Tatting Turns Over A New Leaf. She used DMC pearl cotton and Sherry Pence's Granny Delicious' HDT to make these. Finally she tatted Ruth Perry's Celtic maple leaf using Yarnplayer's Sugar Maple HDT.

Wanda has been tatting snowflakes. All the snowflakes are her own designs. She used DMC Cordonnet Special white in size 30 for the snowflakes. Beautiful.

Jeanne has tatted some snowflakes as well. The first motif is by Terri Dusenbury. She used Lizbeth size 20 thread in the Springtime colourway. The next snowflake, the Incipient Snowflake, is one that Jeanne designed drew out using a drawing program then tatting it. She used Manuela size 20 color # 210 with silver lined Delica beads. Her final motid is her lesson 4 motif for the Design-Tat class. All her motifs are pretty.

Nita shows us a collar (I think?) that she has finished tatting. She used size 80 DMC Cordonnet thread in ecru. The pattern is an old one that was designed by Adeline Cordet. Part of the pattern was missing and with the help of her tatting teacher, Nita was able to complete the collar. That is certainly a piece to be proud of. Awesome job! Penny is a needle felted bear wearing a tatted dress that Nita created and she won a Blue Ribbon at the Los Angeles County Fair. The dress is made of size 13 dmc perle cotton. The little angel is a Lenore English design tatted with white size 20 Flora thread. These last 3 entries make it 25 for Nita and she wanted to get done before she goes for back surgery.

Ellen tatted a couple of "A" bookmarks for her daughter's classmates. The pattern is by Teri Dusenbury and are tatted in Flora size 20 thread. She also received her book from Jon's giveaway.

Bonnie has been busy tatting Jon's Rosette Motif and Doily pattern using Yarnplayer's Roses and Leafy size 30 HDT. Very pretty. Bonnie plans on making a table runner using the motif, but decided to use Lizbeth threads instead for colour consistency. I can't wait to see the result.

Aileen has been busy tatting for Christmas. She has tatted some holly leaves (from a Japanese book) using size 20 DMC Cebelia. She also tatted some Holly Garland brooches by Pam Palmer in 20 DMC Cebelia and in 40 Milford. Aileen tatted some of some of Ellen's Butterflies on a Paper clip using some leftover 20 DMC Cebelia and 20 Manuela as well as some simple sequin butterfly cllips. Finally Aileen tatted Donna's Butterfly by Marlene Lewis done in 40 Milford.

Carol shows us her tatting space (see her blog for pictures). She also a couple of heart bookmarks by Julie Patterson from an Australian newsletter. The purple and green one is made with Valdani thread and the pink and rose one is made with Flora thread.

Heather has a couple of UFOs hanging around her house. She's not sure exactly was they will become but she has some ideas.

I test-tatted another of Linda Davies new flower patterns. This time, a freesia. The first two photo show various stages of construction. The final photo is the completed spray of flowers. The flowers were tatted using Flora size 20 thread.

Martha tatted a beautiful cross from Mary Konior's Tatting with Visual Patterns book.

My apologies if I missed anyone. It wasn't intentional.

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