Sunday, September 13, 2009

Crosses, Doily, Flower Motifs, Snowflake and Shamrock

Vanessa tatted Jane Eborall's reversible motif and found that it was fun to follow and she'll probably do it again in pink. She also learned a new way to hide ends. Shirl tatted on a covered button in DMC 100. The cross bookmarks were made for her cousin's mother in-law and her sister in DMC 60 white. That makes 21 of 25 motifs and Shirl's nearing the finish line.

Steph re-posted a picture of her Gerbera Daisy Doily. She also posted a picture of some of her thread stash inside a pumpkin shaped bowl. What a lovely colourful display. Now Steph needs to collect a lot more glass bowls to show off the rest of her 451,004 balls. Ummm, Steph? if you have that much thread you ought to be opening a store, because you aren't likely to use that much tatting thread in one life time unless you tat as fast as Mark.
Ellen has been working on more ATCs and created this lovely cover for her ATC file adorned with a tatted peacock and an edging with flowers and a butterfly. She is including in her challenge pieces 2 designs she created for the Design-Tat class based on a flower garder theme so she's calling them "Dream Garden"

Barbara has tatted Jon's "Quantiesque" snowflake in Lizbeth size 40 thread. The variegated is called Carousel and the other is Ecru. Heather has done a custom dyed thread in gold green and black called Ruth's Irish and tried it out on a celtic shamrock. She has been using Jon's technique for covering a ring and ran out of thread so she changed to a smaller ring covered in Mulberry. She has been trying out some new designs the first was too close to a published design so she tried again. Her daughter's doll is modelling the pieces in her hair and around her neck. The butterfly is Ellen Lai's design.

Wally has some new tatting in her shop.

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