Saturday, March 24, 2007

Tatting fun with critters and flowers over the rainbow

Ruth has been painting rainbows in thread. Everyone's heard the story that a leprechaun's pot of gold can be found at the end of a rainbow. So first Ruth tatted clouds, then came the pot of gold and now there are rainbows. Her niece wanted it done in split rings and Ruth thinks that one looks like a kite. The other isn't complete yet but it would make a marvelous rainbow for a picture when it's done.

Eva posted pictures of another tatting meeting. The information isn't in English, but look at the awesome tatting on the table, it's just gorgeous from the huge lace container, the egg decorations and tiny chicks to the doily with the 3D daffodils. They're "must see" pictures. don't forget to click on the individual pictures so that you can see things close up.
Gail has posted a bouquet of spring daffodils from her garden. Very picturesque in a contrasting blue teapot.

Mark has been working on a Maltese Split Ring bookmark. Working on bobbin lace has given him experience with keeping his threads in place. He's using 4 shuttles for this little gem.
Jon has done another variation of he mignonette doily. This one has daisies in the centre and although it could be done with one shuttle, look at all the ends you'd have to hide! Jon did the sensible thing and worked the outer row of daisies using split rings. Smart move Jon. She's also working on the blue doily, doing this round with split rings to create a broad band of rings.
Azie is involved in a number of exchanges and has just completed work on stitching some flowers in pink and purple.

LaRae listed some Wikipedia fun. Search for events on the anniversary of your birthday.

Charlene has moved her tatting to a new blog. If you've ever tried it you know it's not an easy thing to do. For anyone with links to her blog please note the change of address. She has been doing a lot more tatting recently and wanted to post it separate from her other interests. Are we guilty of addicting yet another person? We wouldn't do that would we? You bet! in a heartbeat! Charlene shows us the rings and chains she did to add to her CQ blocks, A split ring lanyard she made, a hanky edging with an embroidered heart, a dragonfly, a caterpillar and a tatted swan mounted on a CQ block.
Pamela has gone from tatting flamingos to tatting giraffes. She has tatted Jane Eborall's doodle giraffe, Inga Madsen's giraffe from her book 'Tatted Animals' and Jane's large size animals that came out about 5 inches tall when done in Flora size 20 thread. It's getting to be a regular tatted zoo.
Eliz had plans to make some Mini Tats but left the patterns at home. She had to resort to designing something on the spur of the moment. Here are her dancing flowers which will appear in the tatting Pattern Calendar soon. I love the flowers and the name. Aren't they adorable! Melissa is working on a spring challenge quilt block.

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