Monday, March 19, 2007

Tatted Giraffe, Swan, Hat and Rocks

Ruth has posted a picture of her great grandfather in front of the house he built for his family. Old pictures always make me nostalgic.

Gail has the next round done on the doily and it's looking spectacular.

Sharon has been too busy painting to do much tatting but shares a test piece.
Carol has posted a picture of her puppy after she applied a stained glass treatment to it.

Marilee made some polymer clay "rocks" and used them to create a bracelet.

Laura tatted a giraffe, one of Jane Eborall's patterns, for for Isaac's room and needs to do an African scene to mount it in. She has also shown another friendship doily and an update to the picture of all of the doilies. This is interesting to watch them grow.
Charlene had a bit of trouble getting the swan going in the right direction, but this design by Lindsay Rogers turned out really well.

Eliz has been working on getting her patterns into the computer and in the course of it discovered a one shuttle heart pattern by Heidi Nakayama and a hat pattern of her own that will be shared in the Tatting Pattern Calendar.

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