Friday, March 02, 2007

Some more motives, and some techniques

Ruth has added some helpf instructions to her blog that will help people navigate through the Tatting Pattern Calendar, and other blogs too. Thanks Ruth.

Mark has added some Maltese Split Ring tatting to his blog. Interesting possibilities.

Sharon's finally got some tatted motives to show. Nine of them all the same, lined up around a V-Neck collar. She's ecstatic to finally have the lace for the newsletter done and now she can show us what she's been working on.

Jeanne has tatted a lovely pair of variegated hearts. The larger one is done in Flora size 20 and the smaller in Coats machine quilting thread. I just tried the Coats thread a few days ago. It comes in some lovely colours but although it compares in size to size 80 tatting thread it isn't as strong. I broke the thread several times closing rings and had to keep reminding myself to go easy on it. Jeanne has also taken a break from tatting to do a little knitting. Pictured is a small credit card size bag. She's also knitted some hats and she's working on a shawl. Are you going to add some needle tatted motives to the shawl?

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