Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Leaves, Doilies, Gecko, Ice Drops, Button Motifs, Dangle, Edging, Yoke, Necklace, Earrings, Ornaments and Spaceship

Vera was prompted by a friend to tat another maple leaf which she remembers tatting a while ago, so she found the pattern and using the same brand of thread she recreated it, but this thread isn't the same quality, thick and thin with a matte finish, but the Maple Leaf is done and she hopes her friend likes it.

Melanie is making progress on her cro-tat doily but she is noticing differences. The doily in pastels fills every chain with some crochet edging stitches. The doily in white/cream leaves the chains bare. (Note: There may be 2 different techniques being blended together here. Cro-tatting uses a straight shank crochet hook to needle tat. Multi media tatting combines tatted lace with a  crochet chain into the picots to make a thicker band of chain in a design. It's decorative and makes a small design larger, faster and denser. Many such designs are produced in third world countries for mass sales, with experienced tatters doing the intricate parts and less skilled people to add the crochet rows.)

Sue shows 3 stages of the Chameleon Gecko in morning, noon and evening colours. The pattern, of course, is one of Jane Eborall's clever designs.

Diane attended the Palmetto Tat Days and with 25 hours of driving time she only managed to tat 8 Ice Drops. They look much better when finished off with ribbons. Her roommate, Wanda, gave her this adorable retractable clip which was hand for keeping track of her scissors. Who can pass by all the lovely tatting books especially when they aren't available elsewhere.

Fox Has been working on this doily, but the long chains have defeated her. No matter how she tried, she couldn't get nice even chains and consequently the lace looks like it's all over the place. Subsequent rows didn't pull things into place, so she's decided to cut it off and try to salvage the centre. She lost her winding tool for the pop-a-bobbin shuttle and Sally sent her a replacement along with a charming tatted button motif. Fox is bored and her cure is to tat button motifs.

Marie tweaked her pattern and finally got it to lay flat. She made another angel, dangle, with the extra thread on her shuttle. She made a hanky for herself with a simple clover design.

Martha has her yoke done, finished blocked and packed away for the Toccoa Tatdays. It took 2 1/2 balls of DMC Cordonet size 50, or maybe 2 2/3, since it's hard to judge what's left on a ball. She didn't think to measure it before it was packed, but maybe when she gets back she can measure it and give us some close ups of this gorgeous piece of lace.

Muskaan followed Vicki's suggestion to pretend she's at the Palmetto Tat Days event for a virtual tat along and worked on Noorjahan’s Rubies Bracelet. The foundation row was quick to tat up. The second row is completed,tatted continuously in one pass, 2 shuttles CTM, about 10 yards of thread and she will have the pattern for the necklace, earrings, ring, bracelet available from her blog soon. Muskaan show the Floating Teardrops for Diane and on her first rendition the outer chain was too tight. So on the second, shown on the right, she loosened it up which makes the joins on the next round easier to do. Then she did it in 2 colours. These were done in Anchor size 20 which is more like Lizbeth size 10 and the pattern is available in PDF from her blog. She finally got around to tatting Jane McLellan’s Cascade earrings, which was shared with the Online Class. She started in blue but had an unco-operative ring and had to cut at the seventh ring. She started again in yellow but didn't like the thread and went back to the blue. Jane wondered if you could substitute the Floating Beads method for adding beads, and you can but you need to tat from the top down and not from the bottom up.

HisKid is at 11 0f 24 in her quest to tat 24 ornaments. This design fits a medium sized ornaments, approximately 2 or 2 1/2 inches across. Tatted in size 20 Lizbeth Snow White, the plan was to tat the whole pattern from, but the top centre would not go over the hanger piece on the large ornament and with a tiny stretch on the joining picots it fit around the medium green ornament top. She had to improvise and ended up tatting the same top and bottom sections, but left off the thrown rings and joined to them instead. Number 12 is the same pattern in white on a red ornament. Her ornament tree is starting to fill up.

Wanda attended Palmetto Tat Days and was thrilled with the goodie bag. She worked on the spaceship by Tonya Smith which was cute and not hard but she was socializing so much, she didn’t get it finished.

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