Thursday, May 19, 2016

Motifs, Doilies, Necklaces, Earrings, Angels, Snowflakes, Edging, Butterflies, Crosses and Flowers

Jane added teeny tiny picots just up from the base of the rings in the centre round, to make the centre more stable on motif 16. She did half of the second round and then looked at it, but there's no way the round would've lain flat. Then she did it again, making the picots between the big rings 13 mm long, and that worked. Motif 17 isn't perfect, but she doesn't like it well enough to bother tatting it again. This is the last "one shuttle" motif and she's getting the hang of long picots and bare threads. This is the pattern that jumped out at her from the book and she worked it in size 20 Anchor thread in white like the picture in the book and it came out about 7 inches across.

Sharon has round 6 of the Spring Doily completed and she's ready for the release of the next round.

Pop Maria created an elegant evening wear necklace with fine back thread and Preciosa gray beads. Then to complete it she made matching earrings.

Eliz is planning the colours for starting a Concentric Rectangle Doily. These are some of the colour experiments that she used on previous round robins. She tatted Sheila Heneise's Angel with Paisley Wings on the left, then on subsequent angels she tried Martha Ess' instructions for folded rings in the chains. She devoted Wednesday to her work in progress and got about four more arches done on the Renulek Serwetka Wiosna 2014. She followed Muskaan's Ikuta picots tutorial, then played around with the technique.

Nikki worked on her doily but since her cat got injured she wasn't really concentrating and consequently ended up cutting off most of what she tatted.

Sarah altered the original 8-pointed pattern from the special tatting edition of Burda magazine where the original had eight points and the centre was a 4-ring rosette, which she changed to six points with a single centre ring and added Josephine knots instead of rings to the outside. She made another one, with normal rings instead of Josephines and added picots - apparently those picots she is constantly removing have to come out somewhere.

Elsa looks at different tools for working with beads.

Melanie has reworked her triangle piece and is finding it challenging working from the outside in.

Diane's latest Spinning Wheel glass mat in Fiore from Slovakia is coming along nicely. She has a few more shelves to inventory, for the last time, since she's retiring this year and a few more repeats to go on her glass mat.

Fox is making steady progress on her doily and on her hanky edging. Which is better that the last project which still doesn't seem to have arrived at it's destination.

Lilas shares her tools for adding beads to her lace.

Marie tatted another of Angela's Morfo Butterfly, this time she used 3 strands of iridescent white sewing thread for the front and purple for the back. Katrine pattern by Lene is rings only and goes fairly quickly. The last of Lene's crosses that she's working on is Malene.

Martha has finished Renulek's Spring Doily 2015 doily, here I am just finishing the one from 2015, with lots and lots of ends to hide, but it sure is pretty.

Muskaan shows her tips for tatting the Ikuta Picots with step by step pictures.

Sue has Renulek's 2016 Spring Doily round 7 completed and found it was a struggle to choose the colours for this round. She has been emptying a shuttle and making starflowers in size 40 Lizbeth Sea Island Citrus. The first is what it looks like before the second round is added, and the second one is complete. These are the star flowers she has completed and she leaves the ends until she decides what she's going to do with them. Here are a few beaded stars. These are Corina's beaded flowers, the inspiration for Sue's beaded stars and starflowers.

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