Thursday, December 06, 2012

Suncatcher, Butterflies, Necklaces, Earrings, Ornaments, Snowflakes, Doily and Pendants

Cheryl has tried Tie-Dyed threads and the first batch is called Easter Parade which she used to make this sun catcher. Then there is the project she started and gave up on, but her grandson, Dylan sees possibilities.
Jane made another food cover which has the larger butterfly designed by Jennifer Williams and worked in Jess's Tat-ilicious thread with Milford purple and the smaller ones are Jane Eborall's very small butterfly. The necklace she was working on should have been straight forward but the beads that all looked the same, turned out to have some smooth and some faceted, which would have been OK, but right near the end one of the beads broke and had to be replaced by a substitute that doesn't match. O darn, now she has to keep it! Of course the good thing about scrambling to find a replacement bead, is that she found several pairs of earrings she had done previously that can all go to market. These Christmas decorations have been stiffened with glue and now she just has to wait for them to dry to see how they turned out.
Margaret is joining the challenge to tat a snowflake a day until Christmas and her first one is Flocon d'Or by Joelle Paulson. Her second snowflake is Wheel of Nine Rings from Christmas Angels and other Tatting Patterns by Monica Hahn.
Nancy finds tatting for Christmas extra special and these are wreaths with and without beads that she has done for past Christmases.
Linda tatted quick and easy snowflakes for all my Christmas gifts using Lizbeth 20 with Sulky metallic threads to add sparkle.
Diane's granddaughter Lily choose the thread for this snowflake, DMC Light Effects Classical Blends, Midnight Madness #E133 and the pattern is the first round of Birgit Phelp's Kira's Star. The next one is one of her doodad snowflakes done in Boysenberry Dk. Today's snowflake is the first round of Birgit Phelp's Kira's Star again in Boysenberry Dk.
Fox ran away from it all, which explains her blogging absence, but while away she did get another round finished on the Honey Napkin.
Jess tatted Frivole's Papillon in her newly dyed Rainbow-licious size 20 HDT. She loves Frivole's little butterfly pattern and she had to tat it with beads. Left to right, Size 40 Summer Bliss, using a balanced double stitch, and size 20 Fancy fields.
Kathy shows 3D ornaments that are all the same pattern, but placing the hanger in a different spot changes the appearance.
Marie tatted around a porcelain rose pendent in Lizbeth size 20 threads. A pair of her earrings were too heavy to wear so she cut off the post tatted around it in Lizbeth size 20 thread. She decided to make this pair into earrings.
Orsi shows us a necklace again paired with matching earrings. Delicate and charming.
Wanda forgot the little Christmas tree that was to be used for displaying her tatting on consignment at the yarn store and had to return home to retrieve it, but on the way back out the door, the door knob came off in her hand and then on the way down the highway at 75 mph she was assaulted by a large tumbleweed. Which just goes to prove that some days it doesn't pay to get out of bed! While at the yarn store she picked up some rayon thread that's about a size 12 and tried it out. It's very different from cotton.

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I am starting this challenge with Jon Yusoffs Foldover Bookmark, I have been tatting for about a month.. Here is the link to the first part being done and the second started.. Thanks for this great community!