Monday, November 19, 2012

Flowers, Doilies, Bookmarks, Tablecloth, Snowflakes, Necklaces, Motifs, Leaves, Earrings, Bracelet and Anklet,

Jane has tatted Mariya Davydova's pansy pattern which she found a challenge because of all the Catherine Wheel joins.
Ginny has row 3 of the snow doily done.
Marta likes to read and of course every book needs a bookmark like this Bookmark with Overlapping Chains designed by Jon Yusoff.
Nancy was inspired to created a tablecloth, but since she wants it done in her lifetime, she's decided to tat it in size 10 thread. Each motif takes about 35 minutes, including hiding the ends and she has 23 motifs in the first row. One row down, a bunch more to go.
Bree needs buttons, so she's offering a 2 for 1 exchange; send her 2 small 4 hole coloured buttons and she'll send you back a tatted button snowflake.
Diane responded to a dare, and the result was motif #1 from Minitats by Patti Duff tatted in size 20 thread with lots of beads and a finding in the middle. The Tollway tatters met again and here is Diane's granddaughter Eva, with shuttles in hand, her daughter Alison working on the same Minitats motif, without the finding a beads and Denise working on a doodad snowflake that didn't turn out as expected. Sue Anna brought some of the new Aerlit shuttle for each of them and did her usual beautiful tatting. Carol showed them a beautiful bell that she had tatted, and demonstrated an alternate method of tatting split rings. Meanwhile Marilee, sporting a tatted necklace that matched her top, did some experimental tatting. Barbara was working with a metallic thread that kept breaking on her, but she kept her cool and went on tatting.
Fox continues to work on the Honey Napkin designed by Renulek. She received a surprise package from Denise with included a sweet little needle case with a tatted candy cane. This little motif by Jennifer Williams was just the sort of thing she needed as a break from the Honey Napkin, which continues to grow, even if it is tedious to tat. She tried out red for the next row, but it just wasn't right so she gave the row another try.
Jess was challenged by Fox to create a colourway based on some fall foliage and used Frivole's leaf design to test out Sorrell Splendour.
Marie has made up some tatting kits in both large and small sizes and will be selling them and including a free butterfly earring pattern in each kit.
Orsi has some more tatting to show, a bracelet, earrings and an anklet all in a matching pattern.

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