Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Edging, Doilies, Earrings, Snowflakes, Pin, Heart and Ornaments

Jane has finished the tatted edging for this tablecloth which was part of the heritage from her grandmother and will be going to Jane's niece.
Margaret shares her granddaughter, a tatter in the making.
Ginny has her lace mat done and blocked and is on to the next thing, which is a lacy snowflake doily from Renulek tatted in size 20 Lizbeth Blue Ice. Here it is with row 2 completed.
Marta created these earrings using these turquoise blue beads and the colour makes them really stand out.
Ancolie's latest tatting is a row of small flowers used to hang this table ornament.
Cindy is working on snowflakes and this is one that looks better in person than it does in the book. She used some Messy Jessy thread and tried her hand at climbing out of a round with a split ring again, but that didn't work out as planned so she tatted a different flake, Snowflake #10 from Festive Snowflakes and Ornaments by Barbara Foster.
Diane has the last of her pink snowflakes done and here is the whole set. Her friend asked her to tat a purple snowflake with an initial charm in the center and she's thinking that might be a nice idea for next year's snowflakes.
Fox just needed to tat with beads and this Myra Piper Motif in size 40 Lizbeth was perfect. The Honey Napkin progresses and it has some beads too for just a bit of glitter. Zwicky Silk and Gold Delica Beads adorn this romantic cameo brooch that is now in her shop.
Frances has created a versatile little heart pattern that can be embellished, left plain or decorated and it's great for emptying shuttles and she shares the pattern on her blog.
Jess has a new thread colour named Forest Dusk and a tatted sample of the colour, which is a soft muted gray green. I bet it would be a perfect backdrop for brighter colours that would really make them pop.
Marie tatted this 2 inch ball a few years ago using perle cotton size 8 and lots of beads, but this new one uses a larger 2.5 inch ball and size 20 thread.
Orsi has tatted earrings and bauble earrings with tatting she created, that are now in her shop.
Wanda has made lots of charms and some more elaborate earrings for the upcoming craft show but the colours in the picture don't seem true to life.

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