Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Flowers, Motifs, Edging, Necklaces, Earrings, Ornaments, Hearts, Bracelet, Owl, Bunny, Snowflakes, Leaves and Cross

Jane had some inquiries about how she attached the tatted motifs for her cover cloth and she shows us the back of the cloth where she stitched the motifs down with thread matching the cloth. She has been practicing her clunies on the Rose de Noel motif by Elisa du Sud and the Cluny Motif by Jennifer Williams. She also did a cluny leaf edging. She was finally able to free up her favourite shuttles when she finished off the edging for her tablecloth. She was using Little Boy Blue HDT from Tat-ilicious and as the colours on each side of the braid started to deviate she corrected it by doing an occasional SLT to swap shuttles so that the colours paired up more consistently.
Marie combined one of her tatted pendants with a tatted string of pearls to make a lovely necklace and earring set for her mother.
Lelia enjoyed her visit with the Tollway Tatters. Diane brought an assortment of motifs made with findings. Denise had lovely candy canes, holiday tatting from Patti Duff's book, Mini Tats and her own angel creation with a jewelry finding for a head. Marilee Rockley brought her latest creations, some lovely pendants and Lelia was so enamoured of her Unfolding Heart that she had to buy the pattern. Sue tatted the bracelet she won from her blog giveaway. Sue won Jon's giveaway and brought the tatting for everyone to see. Sue Anna showed her 4-shuttle bracelet and goodies to show from Tat Days, as well as some of her projects from Tat Days.
Jessica has used adaptations of a pattern from Priscilla Tatting Book #3 using split rings and encapsulation to have the flowers alternate colors for the Shuttlebirds classes.
Marta has beads that friends gave her and she had no idea how to use them until she realized that they could be incorporated into a unique necklace.
Nancy used multi-colored 'Christmas Mix', green, red and white beads on this necklace pattern by Jane McLellan.
Linda used a pair of tatted owls and a tatted bunny to help embellish these CQ blocks.
Bree made up this little snowflake and then put the pattern for it on her blog.
Diane's new shuttles were an excuse to tat more snowflakes, three in Blue Ice and two in white with 3 strands of metallic floss which is pretty in person although it doesn't photograph well. Her next set are done in Lizbeth Victorian Red and she's really liking the colour.
Fox liked the yellow with pink beads, but as she ran out of yellow thread, she had to make a switch. The new edging with the correctly done corner is in white with pale blue beads. The Zwicky silk was the only colour she had that made a good match for this agate broach that she encircled with tatting. She's really liking how this border is turning out even if the pattern is a dyslexia challenge. The green agate broach now has it's own tatted border and has entered her Etsy shop. Karey Solomon designed the Peaceable Heart and Fox tatted it in Lizbeth white size 40 with some Delica beads.
Isdihara tatted the Maple Leaf Motif from the February 1975 Workbasket which has been diagrammed and adapted by Tammy Rodgers with Lizbeth 40 Falling Leaves #100 for the rings and Lizbeth 40 Victorian Red #670 for the chains. She was surfing the new and found Gina Brummet had tatted A "delphinium" from Tatting Collage by Lindsay Rogers to make a Christmas or Evergreen tree with green metallic embroidery floss. Gina also tatted other maples, oaks, celtic and miscellaneous, small leaves which were very inspirational.
Jess added Frivole's Papillion butterfly tatted in her HDT to a pendant. She gave Vicki Clarke's rose in her size 10 Bahamas. She's using Frivole's Leaf design with an additional row of split rings along the back that she plans to thread a stretchy cord through to make a bracelet.
Martha created her motif with a finding and worked it 2 different ways, then wrote out the pattern so everyone can enjoy it. Then she finally got started on Jon's Tat-a-Long of Norma Benporath's Lace Mat.
Tattabugg sent this cross bookmark off to a friend in Texas that she wanted to do something special for.
Wanda used a gold finding and gold beads for this motif made with Lizbeth #652 Royal Blue size 20, although she doesn't know whether she should use it as a pendant or a zipper pull. The next one is also in Royal Blue but the center link was part of a chain bought at Walmart and it's paired up with gun-metal seed beads instead of silver.

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