Saturday, October 06, 2012

Flowers, Bookmarks, Teapot, Snowflakes and Edgings

Jane received a long awaited parcel from Jess which included some tatted treasures along with the anticipated threads. She is having an interesting issue with learning clunies, one section of them seems loose and doesn't want to tighten up. Jess's Sunrise thread was perfect for Victat's rose pattern and has been added randomly to this food cover along with Jane Eborall's butterfly. Jane has learned that pinching the cluny between forefinger and thumb while closing solves the uneven problem and now she is tatting a motif designed by Stephanie Peters using size 20 Cebelia that she dyed an watching for gaps at the base of her cluny.
Margaret already has a start on her holiday tatting snowflakes and angels which she was asked to tat for the Nursing Home her mother lives in. They are from Anna magazine December 1991, the three SSSR angels are by Anne Bruvold and the three 3-Dimensional Angels are by Katie Johnson. She also tried the Tatted Daisy by Mrs W.M. Odum in Lizbeth no 20 Summer Fun. The Flowering Quatrain Bookmark by Joelle was made for a friend's birthday in Oren Bayan Perle 8.
Marie tatted a teapot in Lizbeth, size 20, Caribbean, and another one in Lizbeth, size 20, Vineyard Harvest.
Nancy has finished a lovely cloth with tatted teapot, teacup and matching tatted border, which is now on it's way to the UK.
Diane's friend requested a snowflake in red and this one is done in size 20 Lizbeth, Victorian Red #670. The tweaked snowflake looks much nicer with longer arms. Here's one in Christmas Delight, s different snowflake in Blue Ice and another one with long arms also in Blue Ice.
Fox has finally settled on Karey Solomon's 'Laurel' pattern in yellow with pink beads for accent. A silver plated broach she found has had a border in Lizbeth #40 added in autumn colours with linen coloured beads in the corners and she's thinking of adding it to her shop.
Sue tatted this cross in rainbow thread for a friend.

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