Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Heart, Bookmarks, Earrings, Motifs, Doilies, Pig and Flowers

Tats was burning the midnight oil making Susan K Fuller's Hearts Desire in size 20 in Fancy Fields HDT by Tatilicious. Mary Konior's Small Cross is also tatted in Fancy Fields.

Margaret tatted earrings from Marilee's course, the green ones are made from some HDT thread received from Lorena (nctatter) of intatters, with three silver seed beads at the base an the other pair is made with Lizbeth thread Raspberry Frappe No 20, with three white seed beads at the base.

Lelia modified a pattern from Patti Duff's Mini Tats done in LizBeth #20 color 632 to use on a Kanzashi flower.

Kristen has been tatting on the go, on the plane, and on the floor getting ready for fair season, with such things as these motifs in coasters. Figuring out how to block things to make them fair worthy was one of her challenges. Flat things like motifs were easy, larger things like the spring doily were a little harder. The big white doily took over 200 pins. They seemed to stick to tin foil, so she switched to wax paper. Blocking 3D items like this crown was harder, but fortunately grandma's ricer was the perfect size and shape. This piggy was for her niece with lots of different motifs.

Diane has rounds 6 and 7 done on the oval doily and her daughter has bee practicing joins flowers and butterflies.

Fox used Rainbow HDT by Tatskool to tat this pattern adapted from one by Blomqvist and Persson designs. The left over thread turned into a pair of earrings using a pattern from a book by Sheila York. The square configuration of Bubbles is from Julie Patterson's bookmark pattern done in Charlette's gift thread - #40 Lizbeth with Miyuki beads. The pink and yellow motif was a gift from Jess and its taped to the foot of her Mum's hospital bed. Frivole's Minuet is tatted in Lizbeth #40 but it accidentally ended up with 7 arms instead of 6.

Frivole has formatted Marie's beaded bag pattern and it available on her blog. The Tatsy shuttles used seemed to be enormous, but with perseverance she was able to use them.

Jess tatted a mask for Barbie in her Bahamas HDT size 60. And here is is beside a flower tatted in size 40 Genii.

Martha tatted Karey's Heart of the Rose from her Hearts Belong to Tatting, with some Karey's own HDT.

Michelle's neighborhood is having a group flea market and she has been making a lot of Jeanne Lugert's roses for it. She also modpodged a lot of tins and decorated them with tatting. Her youngest daughter is proud to show off her very first ring.

Sue tatted 2 more crosses from Christmas Angels and Other Tatting Patterns the Bible Bookmark is done in blue and the Cross bookmark in rainbow thread.

Wanda is working through Sherry's book Branching Encapsulation and she has now done the Grapevine Edging, While browsing through a furniture store she saw this plastic doily and had to take a picture.

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