Thursday, February 09, 2012

Hearts, Motifs, TIAS, Edgings, Necklace, Snowflakes and Suncatchers

February has Frivole thinking of hearts and she's decided to design her own, but which one to choose? Here's her Happy Heart complete with down loadable pattern tatted first in Lizbeth size 20 with the ends forming a bow at the point so you don't have to hide the ends. Then it's tatted in DMC Babylo size 10 with the ends hidden. Then in white in Babylo size 10 with a few strands of thread to make a tassel. On the last one tatted in Lizbeth size 10 she just added a bead and tied a knot. Then she created a delightful Heart Within that has 3 variations. There's a heart within a heart, a heart with a hanging crystal and a heart outline. She's decided to join in the Tischband tat-along and this is the flower medallion from Umi & Tsuru's blog tatted in Lizbeth Vineyard Harvest.

Mariya has done it, completing her first version of simple polygons. Imagination can take you anywhere when you think outside the box.

Leila is making some embellished needlebooks starting with machine sewn cover and texturing it by adding layers using Misty Fuse and tatting scraps, paper, stamps and fiber orts to develop a picture perfect cover like these for the Needle Artisans of Northwest Indiana members class. When the cover is fused they can start to embellish with buttons, tatting, and charms.

Heather's Citizen School class went well and there was beginning tatting seen.

Axa made her TIAS in red and pink for a very interesting coloured goat.

Jessica hasn't made a lot of progress on her tea cloth, but it is growing. She found a piece of tatted edging at her parent's place that she had intended for a dress and when she checked it against the dress while visiting, she realized it was actually long enough and all that was left was to sew it on the dress. One WIP down. Here's what the finished circles on round 4 of the tea cloth look like.

NancyD tatted a necklace as a birthday gift for Lucille.

Claudia has her TIAS goat done in very cheery yellow and red and placed him in a meadow of grass.

Diane has been woking on one of Norma Benporath's Five Dainty Designs for Tatting using LadyShuttleMaker's "Americana" she had left on her shuttles. When one shuttle ran out, she used what was left on the remaining shuttle to tat "Leaf Braid" from Tatting with Visual Patterns by Mary Konior.

Fox is playing around with the TIAS goat. She's joining the Tat-Along on a Ruth Scharf design. Her first try was way too tight. Then she gave this heart s try and found some of the same issues that Cindy did. The
Tat-Along keeps progressing and her TIAS goat is a handsome fellow. Here he is completed. One Ruth Scharf leaf is done and there are more to come. She did Frivole's heart in different size threads that didn't quite work.

Martha shares the pattern she will be teaching at the Finger Lakes Tatting Convention (formerly known as Hector) which has lots of split rings and lots of beads used in different ways.

Marty has finished off all of Jon Yusoff's Elegant Tatting Gems that she plans on doing for now. The plan is to use them on ornaments.

Michelle tatted a heart that she used to make although she isn't sure of the source using the Edmar Brazilian thread. The little heart is from Workbasket Feb 1988 in the same thread. She is also keeping up with Jane's TIAS, just one more leg to go.

Sherry's TIAS is galloping across the page, or is that field? She has plans to tat it again in more "goatly" colours.

Sue made her oldest granddaughter a rainbow suncatcher, and then she had to make another one for her youngest daughter. Then her friend and her mother in law wanted one. So she has been busy tatting.

Wanda has finished day 11 of TIAS. She made a four point motif that she thought looked pretty cool and it did too. Until she realized that on one of the motifs she had used a different stitch count. The she cleverly covered it with her shuttles so we couldn't see it.

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