Saturday, February 11, 2012

Easter Egg, Hearts, TIAS, Edging, Motifs, Flowers and Bookmark

JB tatted Egg #11 tatted in "Sunset" HDT from LadyShuttleMaker with yellow seed beads that had very small holes and presented a bit of a challenge.

Lyn is enjoying a lot of firsts. The first time she used beads was on Valentina A Beaded Heart by Judith Connors and her first TIAS finished.

Laurette found Gypsy Heart from Teri Dusenbury's Tatting Hearts book was a good refresher on split rings.

Anita shares her progression on the TIAS projects she has done; the rooster, the plane and now this year, the goat. She also shows us her guesses at what she was tatting as each piece was revealed.

Jess tatted a length of edging from The Tatter's Treasure Chest in the brown/pink/reddish size 40 that she dyed which may become a bracelet or a mat, she's not sure yet. She started Yarnplayer's Unfolding Heart with the Wisteria Lane that she purchased from Krystledawne but she messed up the joining in the middle. The little snowflake is from Jon Yusoff's Tatted Snowflakes Collection called Circle of Crowns was tatted in her Superman Bubblegum HDT.

Bonnie made Irene Woo's Butterfly Heart using Yarnplayer's Garden Afternoon, size 30 HDT. She made a mistake, so she had to tat it again. Both of them are gifts, one being sent to her sister and the other gracing a card for a friend.

Cindy joined the Tischband Tat Along  Challenge and she's using Lady Shuttlemaker's Kopper Patina, Size 40 HDT. She done a lot of shuttle emptying making the Clover Drop Heart.

Diane is also joining the Tat Along using size 20 Lizbeth, colors #620 and 621 for the flowers. She hasn't chosen a leaf colour yet.

Fox is using 40 HDT from Jess for this Iris Niebach pattern and this is the first time she didn't have to un-tat anything on the first part of this pattern.

Michelle is thrilled with her maroon goat and is thinking about joining the Tat Along.

Sherry has more Sunset Clouds HDT in size 20 ready.

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