Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Motifs, Snowflakes, Bracelet, Necklaces, Earrings and Dragon

Jess couldn't resist trying out her hand dyed thread and her samples are coming out with interesting shadings.
Heather has a growing list of things she wants to learn and perfect. What are your goals?
Marta loves sweets and these earrings remind her of cookies. Delicious!
Patrycja has more snowflakes to show. The first design is by Jon Yusoff. The next is a modification of one she did earlier. The last design is simple yet beautiful.
Nancy used size 10 thread for this design by Lyn Morton called Judith. She thinks she'll do it again in finer thread maybe with beads.
SunshineCraft is modelling the new bracelet she made for the little lady in the house.
IsDihara has been tatting One Shuttle Glamour Earrings from Tatted Jewelry by Marilee Rockley. She used Lizbeth size 20 Rootbeer Float, #150 and Sea Island Citrus, #161 with size 11 seed beads, 6mm and 4mm round beads and Swarovski crystallized 4mm bicones.
Carol has been busy with Christmas tatting. Lizbeth Blue River Glades was used for the pendant "Shuttle Motif", a pattern by Mark Myers and the earrings are by Jennifer Williams. The Christmas tree earrings are a pattern by Brenda Bonilla that was in an old Knots Newsletter. She did them in solid green and tried the very pretty variegated Lizbeth thread Christmas Green Mix #152 and she's not sure which she likes best. Lizbeth thread, Autumn Spice #136 was used for Yarnplayer's Tatted Leaf pattern which looks great in this thread. The Celtic Motif tatted as the pendant is a pattern by Rosemarie Peel from Tatting for Pleasure.
Diane received a lovely case decorated in tatting that had a hand carved Sea Turtle Shuttle inside.
Fox was valiantly tatting the dragon in pink but the vintage thread just kept breaking so she had to set it aside until she could figure out what to do with it. The solution was to give it purple wings.
Orsi has perfected her snowflake design and the best part is that she doesn't have to string the beads on before she starts.
Tattabugg has posted a picture of a necklace being offered as a giveaway on Alana's blog in pretty Christmas red.

Wanda is getting ready for Christmas and one of the gifts she created was a coaster with tatting in it done in size 40 Lizbeth Blue Ice #163 using one of Wanda's own patterns.

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