Sunday, December 11, 2011

Earrings, Doilies, Flowers, Motifs, Snowflakes and Hearts

Jess tatted a section of Jon Yusoff's Baiduri from Jon's Elegant Tatting Gems in size 40 Lizbeth Charcoal to make earrings. Then she added antique copper Pearl Ex to Mod podge and then painted the entire piece. You can see the difference the Mod Podge treatment made to the earring on the left.

Heather asked people to share their "best ever tatting project" and these were some of the responses. Diane share a spinning wheel glass mat done in Juicy Watermelon. Michelle didn't take pictures of some of her best pieces, but she shared her third favourite piece, a spectacular doily. Alma shared a bouquet of 3d flowers and Shannon showed one of her earlier motifs that is technically perfect.

Patrycja's 9th snowflake is a design by Magbod which reminds her of an atom. Number 10 is called "sweet rosochata" and number 11 comes from Renulka.

Nancy tatted Elegance by Lyn Morris from the book Tatting Patterns in Lizbeth size 20 Ocean Turquoise Lt which will look pretty on someone's tree. The next one in Christmas red and green is called 'Loop-di-Loop' by Hatmut Haas from the freepatterns web site.

Sunshinecraft thinks this motif from 'Beads and Beads Tatting 1' by Mituko Ikuta is more interesting than attractive because the design seem a bit dated.

Fox in an effort to escape the inevitable need to make with the pink dragon, has instead tatted one of Monica Hahn's designs with clunies. It was necessary so that she didn't get rusty. In a further effort to procrastinate she started another design, which turns out to be a Susanne Schwenke pattern from one of the two books she bought and managed to discover something she hadn't be doing quite the way she ought.

Kat is still waiting for the baby to arrive and filling in time with Christmas tatting so that it's ready to give.

Marty is tatting Jon Yusoff's, Elegant Tatting Gems in order and she's doing them all in red and green DMC size 80 tatting thread, except for the one she did in Lizbeth size 20 pink and blue variegate. Enchanting, elegant and endearing.

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