Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Original Work and Easter is Coming

JMM has cut off the last two rows she tatted on her Arches doily to correct a mistake she made. Sometimes it is a really hard decision if we should correct the mistake or not.

Krystle has decorated a pair of socks for her daughter for Easter.You can get away with it this year Krystle but next year when she is three she will demand chocolate.

Angie has tatted another Easter Egg which I believe is motif #18. It is tatted in Lisbeth thread.

Steph has a lot going on. She just received HDT from Sherry and Pam and a copy of Martha's Tea is for Tatting. She is also in the middle of making a very colourful doily called Corona by Ben Fikkert.

Ancolie has challenged herself and made a heart with 3 clunies in it.

Jeanne is tatting Dani's tat it and see and is on day five and still is not sure what she is tatting.

Nita is playing with a cluny piece for motif #11 of the challenge. She would welcome some feedback.

Jeff has posted a picture of the Spinning Wheel Glass Matt that he started on International Tatting Day.

Wally shows us a picture of a button she designed and will be sharing the pattern of soon. She also shows us a doily that she has designed called "Faerie's Ring". It will be a pattern in her upcoming book "Wings of Hope".

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