Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter and Creative Tatting

Mica formally known as JMM has completed motif #5 which is a snowflake from 24 Snowflakes in Tatting and is made with one strand of DMC metallic floss which gave her one heck of a time. She is now working on a doily called Mani Di Fata and you will have to visit her blog for the details.

Krystle is experimenting with size 80 thread and has tatted YarnPlayer's Quadrille pattern.

Jill has finished motifs 19 and 20 a heart ornament and a cross made using a Mary Konior's pattern. I think the heart turned out very well.

Steph is practising the daisy picot technique using YarnPlayers butterfly bookmark pattern.

Vinnie is showing us her creativity and she has designed her own 2 motifs for # 23 and #24 she is also working on Iris's TIAS.

Carolyn has made a sun-catcher by Birgit Phelps in bright spring colours for motif #24.

Kathy has decorated two eggs for Easter and not only is there tatting but they have a major WOW about them.

Tattingchic has her holidays confused I think because it looks like Santa came to visit not the Easter Bunny.

Nita has adapted a pattern that she found for motif #12. Does anyone know the designer?

Ellen has used some more of her tatting to create more beautiful Artist Trading Cards (ATC).

Carol has tatted Mary and her little lambs. I think with so many lambs that Mary is going to be kept busy.

Bonnie has made a cute Easter card for her daughter with Tatman's bunny on the front tatted in LadyShuttleMakers and YarnPlayers HDT.

Anne has finished a doily that was a design challenge posted by Sharon last August. Wonderful work Anne.

Maria wishes everyone a Happy Easter and she has tatted three motifs for the challenge, 2 angels and her interpretation of a flower.

Moni has tatted an Easter egg for her sister-in-law. Don't worry Moni I am sure she will love it.

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