Monday, June 18, 2012

Baby Booties, Bracelet, Bookmarks, Doily, Necklace, Butterflies and Flowers

Margaret tatted these booties in Lizbeth white no 20 and the ribbon is rainbow by Spiral, but she's not sure where the pattern came from as all she has is the page marked on the top - Three-dimensional patterns.
Marie did the Pearl Bracelet pattern from Nina Libin's, "One Shuttle, Lots of Beads" done in DMC Metallic Embroidery thread.

Laurette tatted this bookmark from the site in size 20 Lizabeth Vineyard Harvest and Leaf Green Med for the border.

Julie is currently working on Jon Yusoff's Star in Clovers tatted with Tat-alicious' "patriotic" thread. She decided to mount it in a ring so that it can be hung for the holidays.

Kristen is moving, which will result in more time to tat and decided she to move her blog as well. Want to guess what this new project is? Jon's Overlapping Chains bookmark was tatted using Lizbeth thread and made long enough to hang out both ends of the book, although she put it aside for a while before adding the outer rounds. The mystery project is the beginnings of Marilee Rockley's Ripple Tatted Necklace pattern.

Fox tatted the pattern by Anni Hansen from Iris' book in LadyShuttleMaker's Magnolia HDT size 50. The rompers decorated in tatting were made by Suneeti who thinks they might be too "girly" for a boy. Umintsuru and Fox decided to work together through Julie Patterson’s Just Marking Tome. Umintsuru chose Lizbeth #80 Desert Boom for the ‘Petals Variation’ pattern and Fox chose Krystle’s #80 Wisteria Lane for the ‘Eye Spy’ pattern.

IsDihara tatted the Washington, D.C. Cherry Blossom by Anita Barry in Lizbeth size 20 Pink Parade with Hakelgarn 20 White for the centre. Georgia Seitz posted the pattern for anyone who would like to make some for the Palmetto Tat Days scholarship quilt in size 30 or smaller thread.

Jess shows us a motif tatted in her Jade in Salmon HDT



Kristen said...

Thanks so much for catching the blog change! I was going to leave a comment to let you know about it, but you are quick on the draw! :-D


Anonymous said...

Hi. I am a new tatter and am interested in participating in the 25 motif challenge. My blog (Krysta Crafted) is at I will tag each post '25 motif challenge' so that you can easily find my entries. Thanks.