Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Angels, Earrings, Bookmarks and Dragons

Administration Note

This blog is a lot of fun for the tatting world, getting to see regular postings with tatting content, but it's a lot of work for those of us who provide you with the condensed version of these tatting delights. Some people join in and then have other things like work and family that take their time. In order to make things easier for the team that does the work I am going to be ruthless and delete all of the names in the links list of people who haven't posted any tatting content in months. If your name got deleted and you are still participating, email me and I will add you back to the links list. I have had some people volunteer to help out, but we could use more. The more people we have to help, the less any one person has to do.
Mica has been trying out onion rings and makes the observation that when they are done in rings they seem to stack, but when they are done in chains they lay flatter.
Wanda designed an angel some years ago and recently she has added a modification to it. Here are both versions done in DMC 30. She participated in the inTatters bookmark exchange and did several variations until she settled on a design similar to this. She just had to do an extra so now she has a little gift for whenever she needs it.
Heather is on a roll making lots of tatted earrings and dragons using leaf shaped sequins.
Sherry has completed Iris' TIAS made with some of her lovely HDT "Rose Petals" and she notes that it took her 2 skeins of HDT and about 40 yards of the contrasting black thread. Sherry made the same design but it only took her one skein of HDT. One of the problems with HDT is that dyelots can vary drastically so if you are working on a larger project the sensible thing is to buy more than you think you need and then buy one extra in case you make an irreversible boo-boo and have to cut something out.

TattingChic posts a lovely celtic tatted bookmark she received from Ruth Perry.

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