Monday, March 17, 2008

Caught up! Doilies, Hearts, Bookmarks etc.

Eva has posted some lovely pictures of tatted Easter eggs. At the TIAS challenge for day 7 she thinks it might be a tulip. Tatting at Årsmöte 2008 looks like a lot of fun. Eva has some new tatting for her Easter tree, but sadly her amber shuttle broke. Elizabeth has created a beautiful necklace using an adapted edging pattern done in a very thick silk thread which is about size 10. nne has more snowflakes done for her snowstorm. In spite of Tami's back trouble she still managed to tat this charming piece she has been planning to work on for ages. Tatting is one of these few fibre arts that you can work on in almost any position, standing, sitting or lying down. Iris shows us a picture of the front cover of her new book that has just gone to the Printer.
Norma used #50 DMC Cordonet in both ecru (for the rings) and white (for the chains) in this piece she plans on using for CQ embellishment. The butterfly tatted in size 30 crochet cotton is shown 2 different ways and is one of her favourite patterns.Vintage Belding Bros. & Co. Special Twist Tatting Silk thread made this mauve butterfly that's about 3/4" without the antennae.
Bev is thinking of different ways to both keep and display the tatted pieces she has received in exchanges or as gifts. Some of them she has framed but she's thinking of creating a sample book for them.
Moni tatted several square motives and attached them in a row to a hair barrette. I love the idea and I agree, the tatting does go faster that the attaching them to the barrette. A bead added to the top of this motif makes a nice pendant. Another pendant isn't the best work Moni has done but the thread was difficult to work with. The square motif from Rozella (aka Ruth) Linden's Easy Tatting made another pendant with a section of the motif repeated for matching earrings. Tatting IS real lace in spite of comment to the contrary. Margaret used a motif from Festive Tatting by DMC as both a n entry in the 25 Motif Challenge and her first Round robin entry.
Jeff has tatted Laura's Victorian heart in Flora size 20 in colour number 221. The bear that he crocheted need a little something and Jeff has tatted Gina Butler's Tatted Red Hat in white size 10 for it.Jeff tatted an insertion pattern called Interlocking Clovers from Mary Konior's book "Tatting Patterns" and used Sherry Pence's HDT called "Shades of Gray" for it. In between other projects Jeff has been making Tenneriffe lace with tatted borders. Isn't it wonderful? Aileen's birthday is the day before St Patrick's day and she had to look up the legend behind the name. She used size 40 Olympus thread in both of these solid shamrocks and size 20 Coats in the variegated one.
Joy tatted this wreath pattern in size 20 thread that is an adaptation of one of the medallions in Tatting Alaskan Style by Georgia Seitz. She has been having a frustrating time tatting a snowflake for a round robin. She started it in silver and ran out of thread, re-started it in white, and the pattern just wouldn't co-operate..., so now we have a wreath. The Happy Easter card uses a design from an old Workbasket and Jane Eborall's "Very Small Butterfly."
Ellen joins the challenge with a copy of the heart she designed for the Tatting round robin.
Diane has the cast off and has begun with a little bit of tatting. She's working with size 10 thread and shows off a lovely wooden shuttle from Grizzly Mountain Arts.
Joyce has added another round to Shawna's round robin centre and Jeanette added another round to Joyce's centre and sent her a picture of it. Lovely work ladies.
Pamela is wearing the green and her recent blog entries are full of leprechauns and shamrocks.
Ruth's blog is sporting Dragon's Eye pendants and block tatted Easter eggs.
Arlene's doilies were sent out to her partners a week ago so she can show them on her blog now. Stella Albina and Margerite, both from Iris Niebach's book.
Clyde has completed a doily a small motif and a bookmark all using Marilee's hand dyed Tourmaline thread. Just gorgeous.
Jon has been test tatting some of her designs working from the written patterns to make sure that they tat up all right. BUT, she just can't resist tweaking them a little more, and along the way design a few new patterns. It's addictive isn't it?
Marilee has some marvelous new colours ready, like "Nectarine", "Spicy Hot", and "Nitty Gritty". For the Irish among us she has given the instructions for the Shamrock she designed last year.
Laura made pattern is by Sharon B. Taliaferro's heart design from the Tatting Pattern Calendar February 20, 2007 and tatted it with DMC #8 Perle Cotton. The delightful pink Victorian Heart is Laura's own design. It's official, we have a new designer amongst us! The solid colour threads look best on this design and Laura shares the pattern so you can try your own version. Laura has used Marilee's Winter Blend and white to make this captivating snowflake.
Marty hasn't had a lot of time to tat, which is great for us because instead of tatting she is sharing with us the patterns for her tatted butterflies.
Melissa has added tatted clouds to a spring CQ block.
Sherry's new colour is "Lazy Daisy" has finished and blocked the Fuchsia doily. Work on assorted tatted pieces came to a stop when the dog fell asleep on them. This fresh spring green butterfly is called Honour and may be found in Sherry's book "The Exquisite Collection of Tatted Butterflies". The cross is tatted in her hand dyed thread colour "Sunset Clouds" and the finished lace is mounted in a double sided frame.
Martha has a new holiday/seasonal book in process and she's giving us a sneak peek at what's inside. Wow!
Connie has posted the doilies both given and received in an exchange. A bookmark gone wrong done in Rubi thread became a bracelet. The turtle earrings were from some cards from Palmetto tatting days. This angel is by Eileen Stafford "Leens Tatted Angel" in DMC Cebelia size 30. The "Lacy Medallion Luncheon Set" from The Tatter's Treasure Chest was done in Rubi thread black and variegated orange, then again in variegated green size 30 thread probably by J.P. Coats. With this one Connie used both split rings ans split chains to climb from row to row.
Gina tatted Mark's bunny pattern a wee angel and some tatting for a frame.She started the marigold flower center from the Blomqvist book and she wasn't sure whether to make the outer part white or green but finally settled on white and promptly ran into problems with it. Some old designs re-visited has produced beautiful motives.


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