Monday, August 13, 2007

Awesome Tatting

Whew! There are so many awesome things being done it takes me a while to update things.
Ruth has been creating more beautiful butterflies and producing an intriguing motif with bead centred rings and beaded twisted cord picots. Interesting.

Here's Clyde's doily with the dragon sitting on it. It's a perfect match.

Mark did well with his fair entries winning a number of ribbons including several first and second prizes. A local art teacher gave him a lace book with some pictures of incredible lace samples and the pet cat gave him an interesting morning retrieving the end of an unwound ball of thread that was attached to a tatting project. Nice kitty. NOT!

Jon has designed some wonderful earrings that are a take off on her hanging ornaments. They're just lovely.
Kathy used King Tut thread to make this maple leaf. The solar active thread she received in an exchange was supposed to turn yellow, but she thinks the colour only goes from white to ecru without getting all the way to yellow. It doesn't seem to tat very well either, but it's always fun trying out new threads just to see what they are like. Riet has been busy preparing for the Palmetto Tat Days and working on these marvelous daisy picot stars. Carol has created a 3D tatted version of her dog, Rebel using DMC size 8 thread. Doesn't he look just adorable?
Laura just keeps on tatting. She made the Clover Heart from Nancy's Be-Stitched newsletter in size 20 Flora thread. Then she tatted Ruth's snail from the Tatting Pattern Calendar in size 10 thread. Then she paused for a moment to celebrate her daughter's graduation from nursing school before. Marty combined one strand of Signature machine embroidery thread and one strand of G├╝termann cotton sewing thread wound together on the shuttles and 5/8 inch four-hole buttons with the Baby Lace she created for the challenge to make these unique decorations for T-shirts. They certainly do perk up a plain T. Sherry has posted pictures of the butterflies she created and added a link to her free patterns. She also shows a picture of some lace she is trying to identify. Wendy has worked a length of tatted edging using a lovely variegated yellow thread. She's doing the ABC's meme that is currently popular on a lot of blogs and she has received the Nice Matters Award. Her daughter is delighted with the butterflies they are accumulating as her room gets decorated.Anne has most of the mystery stole done, just one more clue left. While waiting on the last clue she has pulled out a shawl she was working on earlier this year.

Sarah has been doing lots of suffolk puffs/yo-yos. This one she added some tatting to. When taking a break from sewing yo-yos Sarah has been experimenting with more hairpin lace. And some crocheted butterflies. Lots of creative ideas are floating around these days.

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