Monday, December 18, 2006

Hearts, Flowers and Snowflakes, Oh My!

Wally shares an adorable motif in Maltese tatting. She has also posted a Fluff Picot motif where the picots are cut and the thread frayed. Both of these patterns are available from her web site.

Suzy Snowflake is the name of the motif Ruth posted. Eight long arms with a flower at each tip.

Barbara has posted a motif from Tatting With Ann Orr which she has done in size 40 ecru.

In lieu of tatting Laura has posted some awesome sunrise pictures taken from the restaurant. Sunrise? At the restaurant? What time did you get up for this?

LaRae shares a picture of some corporate tatting that will be used for demos.The Shuttlebugs passed this project around and it grew into Grandma's Flower Garden. The pattern is from Mary Maynard's book, "Tatting a 4-Square Ring".

Dawn has made another 3D picture ornament. This one is only 2 rounds.

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